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Fast Service At Fair Prices

Commercial - Industrial - Municipality - Residential


City of Chicago
Illinois Department of Public Health


Chicago Sewer License # 2158

Commercial - Industrial - Municipality - Residential

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Chicago Sewer & Water Main Service & Repair

  • CDOT - Chicago Department of Transportation bonded for sidewalk, parkway and street openings. We can handle ALL of your sewer and water needs

  • Chicago Sewer License # 2158

  • Licensed to do ALL ashphalt repairs


Sewer Rodding & Power Rodding

We are top Chicago plumbers, we can help you help you unblock your drains and sewers. There are many different methods that can be used depending on your situation. We can fix any sewer problem. Our trucks and equipment are state of the art which allows us to help you efficiently and cost effectively.


We can help you with:

  • Sewer & Line Hydro Jetting (High Pressure Water)

  • Sewer Pumping

  • Sewer Cleaning / Repair / Replacement

  • Sewer Video Camera Inspection

  • Sewer Relining Repair

  • Sewer Construction

  • Excavation / Hydro Excavation

  • Mudjacking, Trenching

  • We Understand ALL Sewer Systems

  • Pumping - Grease Traps / Catch Basins

  • Clean Outs - Sewers / Catch Basins

Excavation | Trenching | Hydro Excavation


Hydro Jetting & Mini-Jetting - This technique uses high pressure streams of water to remove build up and debris in sewers and drain lines.

Pumping & Jetting - grease traps and catch basins

Vactor Truck Services - sewer flush, sewer vacuuming, and excavation

Water Main - construction, repair & service




Fast Service At Fair Prices

Commercial - Industrial - Municipality - Residential

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